Angiosarcoma Patient Celebrates 7-Year Remission with Pioneering Use of PD-1 Inhibitor: Every Cure Unleashes AI to Ensure No Treatment is Left Overlooked

An Angiosarcoma patient facing a grave prognosis found a lifeline in a repurposed PD-1 inhibitor, a treatment hidden in the medical literature for three years. Every Cure and its partners are building on this breakthrough, deploying innovative AI algorithms that evaluate the potential of every drug for every disease. The efforts have already begun to […]

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First Life Saved with AI-Discovered Repurposed Medicine for Castleman Disease with Significant Potential Applications to Treat Other Illnesses

A 50-year-old patient battling life-threatening Castleman disease was provided adalimumab as a treatment of last resort following its identification by AI-guided discovery. Every Cure and its partners are expanding upon this discovery to harness a novel AI algorithm that calculates the potential use of every drug to treat every disease. Initial promising candidates for further […]

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