Unlocking Cures for Those Who Need Them Most

Now is the time to address this massive systemic issue. Advances in artificial intelligence have made it possible to unlock repurposed treatments that were previously thought unachievable.

We accomplish our mission by focusing on three strategic areas:

Using AI to identify the most promising drug repurposing opportunities

We are building the world’s most comprehensive drug repurposing database and structuring it as a biomedical knowledge graph. We then apply AI algorithms to score the potential for each of the 3,000 approved drugs to treat each of the 20,000 diseases.

Performing efficient clinical trials

In a first-of-its-kind analysis, we recently generated 36 million scores for all drugs against all diseases, and a top hit has already saved a patient’s life. We expect to identify 500 promising opportunities in 5 years and advance 25 into clinical trials to become established treatments.

Ensuring equitable access to new cures

A community panel representative of diverse lived experiences prioritizes the most promising drug-disease pairs to maximize impact and health equity. Because we prioritize impact over profits, we can ensure to save the most lives possible.
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