Every Cure at the Clinton Global Initiative

Co-Founder Dr. David Fajgenbaum presents about Every Cure during the opening plenary at the Clinton Global Initiative

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Unlocking the hidden potential of existing drugs to save lives

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We are a nonprofit initiative on a mission to unlock the full potential of existing medicines to treat every disease and every patient they possibly can.

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First Life Saved with AI-Discovered Repurposed Medicine

A 50-year-old patient battling life-threatening Castleman disease was provided adalimumab as a treatment of last resort following its identification by AI-guided discovery.

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Our Story

In 2010, our co-founder, Dr. David Fajgenbaum, was diagnosed with  Castleman Disease, and nearly died five times. He discovered a new use for an existing drug that had already been approved for another disease – but had never previously been used for Castleman Disease. Now in remission for over 8 years, Dr. Fajgenbaum is dedicated to scaling this approach to help all patients who may benefit. Our team of physicians, scientists, and others brings decades of experience in drug discovery, data science, and clinical research in pursuit of this ambitious mission.

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The Problem

Repurposed cures sit on the shelf for decades because of three systemic problems. First, no organizations are responsible for unlocking the full potential of every drug. Second, no centralized databases exist for repurposing treatments. And third, companies aren’t incentivized to repurpose drugs, especially generic drugs.

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Our Work

Every Cure’s mission is to identify new uses for existing drugs by identifying and evaluating all potential drug repurposing opportunities and conducting clinical trials of the most promising and high-impact opportunities to evaluate their effectiveness for FDA-approval and/or optimal off-label clinical use. 

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How You Can Help

Every Cure is an ambitious effort that will create an enormous amount of social good and impact. We are seeking partnership opportunities across all sectors on healthcare, biotech, academia, and philanthropy.

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Join us in pursuing a world where every drug is used to its fullest potential to save lives

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