The ROADMAP Project

Every Cure is on a mission to unlock the full potential of existing medicines to treat every disease possible. In addition to building out an AI-driven engine to discover promising drug repurposing opportunities, Every Cure has partnered with the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to launch the ROADMAP project.

Though repurposing existing medicines is a promising approach for treating many of the 7,000+ rare diseases with no therapies, many challenges exist, including a lack of consensus on stakeholder roles, the absence of a roadmap for pursuing drug repurposing, and insufficient support throughout the process.

The Repurposing Of All Drugs, Mapping All Paths (ROADMAP) project was created to address these gaps and offer a step by step roadmap for rare disease organizations to repurpose treatments. Click the link below to explore the ROADMAP!




For your convenience, we also are providing the following in PDF form if you have trouble accessing the information on the interactive tool:



We want to hear about your experience with the ROADMAP tool! Your feedback is valuable to us as we work to improve the tool and make it as user-friendly and accurate as possible. Together, we can continue to advance drug repurposing efforts for rare diseases. Please send any thoughts, comments or suggestions to


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