How you can help save more lives

Each of the patients you see above had their lives saved using a drug intended for different diseases. Every Cure needs your support on our mission to save lives and would be pleased to discuss the following partnership opportunities.

Funding: We are seeking funding to build the Every Cure LinkMap an open-access tool that identifies and ranks all repurposing opportunities. Once we have built the LinkMap, additional funding will go towards launching clinical trials of the most promising repurposing opportunities ($1-5M per promising repurposing opportunity).

Database access: The Every Cure LinkMap discovery engine will improve its prediction capabilities with additional medical datasets as well as data analytic tools related to natural language processing, data scraping, database integration, and data synthesis.

Partners to reduce clinical trial costs: Facilitating partnerships with biopharma companies and CROs that can reduce clinical trial costs (e.g., donating drug) would enable us to perform more trials and enhance our impact.

Share your drug repurposing insights: Every Cure is dedicated to being the premier hub for expert insights on drug repurposing. If you have experienced success with drug repurposing or off-label use, we invite you to share your story with us here.

Our partners and key relationships in saving lives

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Prefer to send a check by mail? Make out to: “Every Cure” and send to: Every Cure 244 Madison Ave, #1029
New York, NY 10016.
If you need assistance with your donation or would like additional information, contact us at .

Every Cure, Inc. (“Every Cure”) is a nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN: 92-0240717). Your donation qualifies as a deductible charitable contribution under Internal Revenue Code Section 170, to the extent permitted by law.

Every Cure provides research grants to nonprofit institutes and universities to fund research in drug repurposing. Please note that Every Cure has a Board-directed policy that does not allow for the payment of indirect/F&A costs to nonprofit institutions.

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