Unlocking connections between drugs and diseases

Every Cure is on a mission to alleviate suffering for the 300M people globally battling diseases with no approved treatments. We accomplish this by unlocking the full potential of every existing drug to treat every disease it possibly can; this is humanity’s greatest opportunity for rapidly saving lives.

Recent advances in AI have enabled the fast, systematic review of the world’s biomedical knowledge to identify repurposing opportunities. We leverage AI and developments in how big data is stored, organized and analyzed to identify the most promising uses for existing drugs across all diseases. We then test the top matches and deliver proven cures to patients, prioritizing equity and affordability throughout our approach. Because generic, FDA-approved drugs have a known safety profile and are already manufactured and available worldwide, often with substantial data already existing to support the potential new use, drugs can go through an accelerated research process.

These drugs can get to patients quickly, in months versus decades, at a cost of less than 1% of new drug development. While shared mechanisms across diseases aren’t always obvious to researchers, machine learning is very well-suited to identifying these patterns. As an example, the pilot run of our AI platform identified a TNF protein inhibitor, a type of drug used to treat inflammatory diseases, as the most promising treatment for a subtype of CD — and it recently saved a patient’s life. Researchers had not made this connection in the 70+ years since CD was first discovered. Our platform also scores matches that have already been identified but aren’t being pursued because of commercial viability — like arginine for sickle cell disease — to help us prioritize them among other, unidentified opportunities.

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