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Our initiative revolves around fostering collaboration between industry leaders, cutting-edge researchers, and advocacy groups to unleash the untapped potential of existing therapies. The overarching goal is to enable these existing drugs, originally designed for a narrow spectrum of diseases, to extend their reach and impact to encompass additional medical conditions. We’re committed to fostering collaboration that transcends boundaries and transforms lives. No matter your background or expertise, we want to work with you, always prioritizing your privacy and the safety of your data.

Importance of Data

Our goal is to be the centralized database for the most innovative drug repurposing ideas. As a nonprofit organization, our focus is solely on the advancement of medical science, not commercial gains. Collaboration lies at the heart of our initiative, uniting industry leaders, cutting-edge researchers, and advocacy groups in a common pursuit: to unlock the untapped potential within existing therapies.

How You Can Help

We’re actively seeking access to data that validates the connection between specific drugs and their potential efficacy for different diseases. This data-driven approach ensures our efforts are rooted in scientific evidence and adhere to the highest standards of evaluation. It forms the bedrock of our strategy, guiding our decisions, optimizing our algorithms, and prioritizing the most promising pathways for drug repurposing.

Types of data you can donate:

  • Anonymized proteomics data
  • Anonymized genetics data (single cell RNA seq, exome, etc)
  • Curated phenotype lists
  • Known instances of off label use for a particular rare disease 

In taking this step you become an essential part of a community dedicated to innovation, health equity and accessibility. Your data, combined with expert insights that can drive change that transcends boundaries and positively impacts lives on a global scale.

Our data partners and key relationships in saving lives

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Donate Data to Every Cure

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