Every Cure Co-Founder Dr. David Fajgenbaum Honored as Philadelphia Citizen of the Year to Commemorate 10 Years in Remission After Discovering a Cure for His Deadly Disease

David Fajgenbaum discovered a repurposed drug to save his own life and is now on a mission with Every Cure Co-Founders Grant Mitchell and Tracey Sikora to repurpose drugs for millions more. 



PHILADELPHIA, PA- Jan. 31, 2024- Every Cure is proud to announce Co-Founder, Dr. David Fajgenbaum, has been awarded Philadelphia Citizen of the Year, recognizing his significant contributions to the medical community and his personal triumph of a decade of remission after finding the cure to his disease.

I’m alive thanks to a repurposed drug that I discovered when I was dying from a rare disease during medical school,” said Fajgenbaum at the Philadelphia Citizen of the Year ceremony. 

Now, I’m on a mission to unlock every cure so that no patient is told we’ve tried everything when a life-saving cure is sitting on the pharmacy shelf

As Every Cure celebrates Dr. Fajgenbaum’s accolade and a decade of remission, the organization remains focused on its core mission of unlocking the full potential of existing medicines to treat every disease and every patient they possibly can. Every Cure’s collaborative philosophy, combining innovation with a patient-first approach, continues to drive its efforts to discover treatment options for patients who need them most.

Central to Every Cure’s strategy is the development of the ML/AI-enabled Therapeutic Repurposing In eXtended uses (MATRIX) platform. This cutting-edge technology evaluates the potential of all FDA-approved drugs to treat every known disease by leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze the world’s biomedical knowledge. The MATRIX has initially ranked all 3,000 FDA-approved drugs to treat all 12,000 human diseases, generating 36 million evaluations. One of its top hits was instrumental in saving a patient’s life.

In the spirit of continuing our mission, we invite everyone to join our cause. We are actively seeking partnerships in data contributions to optimize our algorithms and evaluate our highest-ranked results to bring directly to patients. Every partnership, regardless of size, brings us closer to a world where every potential cure is identified and put into action.


About Every Cure

Every Cure is a nonprofit organization dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every existing medicine to treat every disease possible. Repurposing existing drugs is the fastest and most efficient way to treat diseases with the greatest return on investment for saving lives. However, systemic barriers impede repurposing, so patients suffer while potential treatments are not fully utilized. Every Cure overcomes these barriers to systematically identify and advance promising repurposing opportunities and save lives. Every Cure is taking a revolutionary and disruptive approach to overcome these systemic barriers by developing a comprehensive, open-source data engine to generate predictive efficacy scores for all 3,000 drugs against all 20,000 diseases and rapidly advance treatments to patients. In partnership with academia, industry, and government, Every Cure is integrating proprietary and public data into a comprehensive dataset, optimizing AI ranking algorithms, validating the most promising drug-disease matches, performing trials, and ensuring patient access to effective therapies.


For more information, please visit EveryCure.org or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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