Every Cure Deploys BioPhy’s Artificial Intelligence Platform to Accelerate its Mission of Repurposing Drugs for Untreated Diseases

New Technologies Will Enable Every Cure to Bolster its Computational Drug Development, Drug Repurposing, and Clinical Trial Simulation Efforts – Uncovering More Approved Drugs to Treat Patients

PHILADELPHIA, PA – April 30, 2024 – BioPhy, an innovative AI drug development company, today announced a partnership with Every Cure, a nonprofit initiative on a mission to unlock the full potential of existing medicines to treat every disease and every patient they possibly can. Through this partnership, BioPhy will work with Every Cure in evaluating high value drug-disease matches and drug repurposing opportunities, specifically focusing on the simulation and optimization of clinical trials and their endpoints, aiming to maximize trial success rates and efficient use of capital.

“At BioPhy, we’re committed to creating a world where pharmaceutical companies won’t be forced to waste billions of dollars as a result of failed clinical trials. Every Cure shares that mission, while also unlocking new ways FDA approved drugs can be used to accelerate treatment to patients suffering from untreated diseases,” said Dave Latshaw II, CEO and Co-Founder of BioPhy. “We look forward to partnering with Every Cure to uncover even more diseases that all existing drugs can treat.”

Every Cure will now utilize BioPhy’s novel technology, BioLogicAI, a predictive AI engine that provides customized insights to aid life science companies through all stages of the drug development process including clinical trial endpoint predictability, indication selection, licensing, drug repurposing, asset acquisitions, and divestment. BioLogicAI also benchmarks the biological feasibility of preclinical assets against those in development or already approved by the FDA, which will complement the development of Every Cure’s AI drug repurposing platform.

“By partnering with BioPhy, we’re not just accelerating the pace of drug repurposing; we’re redefining the possibilities for patients worldwide who urgently need treatments,” said Dr. Grant Mitchell, Co-Founder and CEO of Every Cure. “The collaboration harnesses our combined organizational expertise to actively seek data partnerships, enhancing our platforms’ ability to unlock and leverage data for breakthrough treatments.”

This partnership comes on the heels of Every Cure announcing funding from the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H). The three-year, $48.3 million contract was unveiled at the White House as a part of a substantial federal investment in drug repurposing.


About BioPhy

Leveraging the possibilities of modern science and advanced technologies, BioPhy is committed to transforming the way promising drugs are identified and developed. With the help of its patent-pending predictive AI engine, BioPhy works to enhance the outcomes of clinical trials, reduce failure rates, and accelerate the pace of developing new drugs to improve the quality of healthcare outcomes across the globe. By integrating advanced probabilistic models,

proprietary data, and geometric deep learning across the industry’s most advanced knowledge graph, we deliver unmatched predictive power and generative capabilities improving decision-making, productivity, and economics across the drug development lifecycle. Our technology updates it’s understanding of over 35,000 ongoing clinical trials every day and has been validated to predict trial outcomes in over 2,200+ studies over the past 3 years with over 80% accuracy, outperforming both human experts and other AI solutions, and has been deployed across the drug development spectrum from early-stage biotech to Big Pharma.

For more information, please visit BioPhy.ai or connect with us on LinkedIn.

About Every Cure

Every Cure is a nonprofit organization dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every existing medicine to treat every disease possible. Repurposing existing drugs is the fastest and most efficient way to treat diseases with the greatest return on investment for saving lives. However, systemic barriers impede repurposing, so patients suffer while potential treatments are not fully utilized. Every Cure overcomes these barriers to systematically identify and advance promising repurposing opportunities and save lives. Every Cure is taking a revolutionary and disruptive approach to overcome these systemic barriers by developing a comprehensive, open-source data engine to generate predictive efficacy scores for all 3,000 drugs against all 20,000 diseases and rapidly advance treatments to patients. In partnership with academia, industry, and government, Every Cure is integrating proprietary and public data into a comprehensive dataset, optimizing AI ranking algorithms, validating the most promising drug-disease matches, performing trials, and ensuring patient access to effective therapies.

For more information, please visit EveryCure.org or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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