Our Team

Every Cure is guided by several teams of talented and diverse individuals

Leadership Team

  • Our leadership team led by our Co-Founders Dr. David Fajgenbaum, Dr. Grant Mitchell, and Tracey Sikora. The leadership team includes some of the world’s experts in drug development, artificial intelligence, and clinical trials that will ensure we are unlocking the full potential of existing drugs.

Board of Directors

  • Our Board of Directors consist of leaders across healthcare that will lead Every Cure on our mission of unlocking hidden cures. With a collective wealth of knowledge and experience across various sectors, including healthcare, policy, technology, and patient advocacy, the Board will provide strategic direction and oversight as Every Cure continues to pioneer novel approaches to drug repurposing.

Advisory Board

  • Every Cure’s Advisory Board is a collection of 35 leaders across healthcare, technology, and industry that advise Every Cure to make the greatest impact possible. Their combined expertise in data science, drug development, healthcare policy, and patient advocacy will help Every Cure immensely in delivering life-saving therapies to the patients who need them most.
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