Elyse was a 13 year old vibrant, beautiful girl that embodied strength and life. She was diagnosed with unicentric Castleman disease and later developed paraneoplastic pemphigus, an extremely rare and severe complication. Elyse’s whole family struggled with her Castleman disease diagnosis.  They were told it was “benign,” rare, and that surgery should be a cure for Elyse. Castleman disease already had such a grip on Elyse that they were not able to beat the disease. Elyse lost the battle for her life on February 3, 2014.

To this day, the Driscoll family continues to fight alongside some of the best people in the world to try to find a cure for Castleman disease. They have continued fighting in their daughters memory alongside the CDCN and other Castleman Warriors so that no other family has to endure the devastating loss they endured.

“We’re gonna bring this disease down! We are ELYSESTRONG #CastlemanWarrior and we are in the war for a cure! “

– Kim & Nick Driscoll, Elyse’s loving parents

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