Every Cure Presents Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative 2023 Meeting

Every Cure Co-founder Dr. David Fajgenbaum addressed the audience at the Clinton Global Initiative 2023 Meeting by giving Every Cure’s Commitment to Action to unlock the full potential of existing medicines to treat every disease and every patient they possibly can.

In the vast expanse of medical knowledge and numerous FDA-approved drugs, there lies an overlooked potential: repurposing existing medications to treat rare and untreated diseases. Taking the limelight at the Clinton Global Initiative 2023 Meeting, Every Cure, a non-profit organization, presented its mission and results that could reshape medical treatment as we know it.

But why hasn’t this been explored before? The disheartening truth is a misalignment of financial and pharmaceutical incentives, especially concerning generic drugs and diseases prevalent in disadvantaged communities.

Every Cure is changing the narrative. With President Clinton and CGI’s endorsement, the past year has been transformative. Using artificial intelligence, the organization analyzed global biomedical data, aiming to identify potential drug repurposing opportunities for all 12,000 diseases. Their method has already borne fruit, with one of their drug discoveries saving a patient’s life.

Every Cure’s momentum has been further boosted by the support from renowned funding partners, including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Elevate Prize Foundation, Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Emerson Collective, and Flagship Pioneering. This collaboration is pushing forward rapid and equitable drug repurposing to save lives at a fraction of the cost of new drug development.

As Every Cure’s journey unfolds, they are actively inviting passionate individuals and organizations to collaborate. Whether it’s teaming up, donating data, funds, or services, there’s an opportunity for everyone to join this groundbreaking initiative.

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