Every Cure Invited To Speak At The Rare Disease Congressional Caucus!

In a recent address to the Rare Disease Congressional Caucus, Every Cure co founder Dr. David Fajgenbaum unveiled the organization’s mission to repurposing FDA-approved drugs for diseases that currently have no cure. By leveraging the vast pharmaceutical world’s existing knowledge, Every Cure aims to revolutionize treatment paradigms for thousands who have been left without options

Every Cure’s emphasis on collaboration was the highlight of Dr. Fajgenbaum’s speech. Teaming up with members of Congress, staffers and leaders from across healthcare could fast-track Every Cure’s objectives. Together, they can address the challenges: creating a centralized database of potential drug uses, incentivizing pharmaceutical companies, and most importantly, altering the policy environment to support drug repurposing.

Fajgenbaum, while sharing his personal triumph against Castleman Disease through drug repurposing, underscored Every Cure’s dedication. He showcased the organization’s innovative approach that employs artificial intelligence to produce scores assessing the potential of every drug to treat each known disease. Out of the 36 million scores generated, some have already shown life-changing results, as illustrated by a patient named Albert.

In this collaboration, Every Cure brings its innovative approach, research, and preliminary successes, while the Caucus, with its legislative influence and deep insights into rare diseases, can pave the way for regulatory changes and provide a platform for broader outreach.

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