Every Cure Invited to the White House!

Every Cure has raised significant awareness over the last year and engaged with leaders across healthcare and government. In fact, Every Cure Co-Founders Grant Mitchell and David Fajgenbaum (pictured above) met with President Biden’s Chief of Staff, Jeff Zients, in the White House.

The focal point of this meeting was to share and discuss Every Cure’s endeavors in drug repurposing. We delved into our innovative methods of identifying new therapeutic uses for existing FDA-approved drugs, unveiling untapped potential and presenting alternative treatment avenues for a myriad of diseases. It’s not just about salvaging overlooked medicines; it’s about reimagining healthcare solutions and making them accessible and effective.

While Every Cure’s primary focus is repurposing existing drugs, ensuring access to these treatments is equally paramount.

Recognizing the intricate landscape of healthcare policy and delivery, we are actively engaging with policymakers.to collaborate and shape policies that ensure these repurposed drugs are not only effective but also accessible and affordable. It’s not just about discovery; it’s about delivery. By aligning our innovative solutions with the broader healthcare framework, we aim to bridge the gap between potential treatments and the patients who desperately need them. This commitment to partnership is pivotal in translating our scientific breakthroughs into tangible patient benefits.

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