Every Cure Co-Founder Receives the Inaugural Elevate Prize Founder’s Award for their Bold Mission of Saving Lives with Existing Drugs

David Fajgenbaum discovered a repurposed drug to save his own life and is now on a mission with Every Cure Co-Founders Grant Mitchell and Tracey Sikora to repurpose drugs for millions more.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – November 1, 2023The Elevate Prize Foundation officially announced today that Every Cure Co-Founder, Dr. David Fajgenbaum, is the inaugural recipient of the Elevate Prize Founder’s Award in recognition of Every Cure’s bold mission to find new uses for existing drugs. Every Cure is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that no patient suffers when their potential cure sits within reach on the pharmacy shelf.

The Elevate Prize Founder’s Award includes an unrestricted grant for leaders and their organizations to advance their impact. It’s awarded to extraordinary individuals that may not align with the Elevate Prize’s signature programs but are aligned with the foundation’s mission to Make Good Famous and drive meaningful change.

“At a time when ten million Americans are afflicted by a disease without an approved medicine and there are 3,000 drugs sitting on the pharmacy shelf that could be used in more diseases, the Elevate Prize Foundation’s support could not be more essential,” says David Fajgenbaum, Co-Founder and President of Every Cure. “Every Cure will utilize this funding and PR support to build our team and refine our platform to unlock treatments for patients who have otherwise run out of hope.”

Every Cure recently posted 10 new positions, including Chief Technology Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Operating Officer, which can be found at www.everycure.org/joinus.

Every Cure is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to scan through medical literature, databases, and expert insights to develop a first-of-its-kind algorithm that evaluates the potential of every drug to treat every disease. The Every Cure LinkMap has initially ranked all 3,000 FDA-approved drugs to treat all 12,000 human diseases, generating 36 million evaluations. Every Cure is currently analyzing the top results from its initial findings and consulting industry experts and patient organizations to identify the most promising candidates to launch into clinical trials.

“It’s with great enthusiasm that we present Dr. David Fajgenbaum with the Elevate Prize Founder’s Award for his work through Every Cure and his unwavering dedication to building on the solution that saved his own life, finding treatments for patients across the world by repurposing existing pharmaceuticals on the market,” said Joe Deitch, Founder of the Elevate Prize Foundation. “Sometimes we discover an inspiring leader or organization that are making waves. Maybe they don’t fit the criteria for one of our other prizes, so the Elevate Prize Founder’s Award is poised to fill that gap. Every Cure is certainly deserving of this honor.”

Every Cure is seeking additional funding and datasets to further optimize its algorithms and evaluate its highest-ranked results to bring them directly to patients.  For further information or to express interest in partnering with Every Cure, please contact Brent Shaw ([email protected]).


About Every Cure

Every Cure is a nonprofit organization dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every existing medicine to treat every disease possible. Repurposing existing drugs is the fastest and most efficient way to treat diseases with the greatest return on investment for saving lives. However, systemic barriers impede repurposing, so patients suffer while potential treatments are not fully utilized. Every Cure is taking a revolutionary and disruptive approach to overcome these systemic barriers by developing a comprehensive, open-source data engine to generate predictive efficacy scores for all 3,000 drugs against all 12,000 diseases and rapidly advance treatments to patients. In partnership with academia, industry, and government, Every Cure is integrating proprietary and public data into a comprehensive dataset, optimizing AI ranking algorithms, validating the most promising drug-disease matches, performing trials, and ensuring patient access to effective therapies. Every Cure announced its launch in September 2022 at the Clinton Global Initiative.

For more information, please visit EveryCure.org or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Elevate Prize Foundation

Founded by Joseph Deitch in 2019, the Elevate Prize Foundation is a global non-profit on a mission to Make Good Famous. To ensure lasting impact, the organization is committed to bringing visibility to the work of changemakers, creating a fanbase for good, and inspiring action on an international scale. The Foundation’s signature program is its annual Elevate Prize, which is awarded to 10 or more global leaders tackling pressing issues in innovative ways. The Elevate Prize Catalyst Award, another one of the Foundation’s programs, recognizes prominent individuals for their commitment to inspiring global social action and using their influence for the good of humanity. In 2022, the Foundation launched the Elevate GET LOUD Award, a monthly grant to fuel grassroots movements and organizers on the frontlines committed to collective action and building power among communities. For more information, visit www.elevateprize.organd follow @ElevatePrize on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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