Mary Guilfoyle is recently retired from Janssen Pharmaceutical after 35 years. At Janssen, Mary was responsible for leading compound teams from the study start through submission and commercialization. She led the PROCRIT/EXPREX brand for 25 years, through approvals in Chronic Renal Failure, HIV, Cancer and Surgery. In 2005, when Oncology came to Janssen, she led compound teams to global approvals for VELCADE in Multiple Myeloma and DOXIL in Ovarian cancer. She lead the SYLVANT compound team to approval globally for the orphan indication of Multicentric Castleman’s disease. In the last 5 years at Janssen, she worked on a TPO mimetic in partnership with BARDA with focus on approvals in Acute Radiation Syndrome and Chemical Injury. Mary is currently working with colleagues on the start-up of a biotech company focused on compounds to treat oncology patients with MDS and NSCLC. Mary’s academic background is in biostatistics where she received her graduate degree from the University of Rochester.

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