Scientific Advisory Board

Kazuyuki Yoshikazi



Kazuyuki Yoshikazi, MD, PhD, is a Professor in the Dept of Immuno-Medical Science at Osaka University, Japan. He was the principal investigator that identified IL-6 as the key cytokine in the pathogenesis of MCD (1989), found anti-IL-6R Ab improved the abnormal findings of MCD (2002), and found the mechanism of inflammatory anemia via IL-6 induced hepcidin (2010). The anti-IL-6R antibody that Dr Yoshizaki developed (now called tocilizumab) was first approved for MCD in Japan and was then repurposed for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), severe COVID-19, Adult onset Still’s disease, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Juvenile RA, cytokine storm following CAR-T cell therapy, Giant cell Arteritis, Takayasu Arteritis, Neuro-myelitis-Optical (NMO), and beyond. Tocilizumab is one of the most widely repurposed drugs of all time and serves as an inspirational example for Every Cure and our leadership team.

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