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Dr. David Fajgenbaum saved his own life by tracking down a generic drug that cured his rare and deadly disease. Now with nonprofit Every Cure,

Every Cure is a non-profit, founded by Dr. David Fajgenbaum following his brush with a near-fatal rare disease that doctors struggled to diagnose, that finds new uses for

This Challenge is a bold initiative to incubate innovations by healthcare start-ups and entrepreneurs across disciplines and sectors to responsibly and equitably use artificial intelligence

AI has also enabled the discovery of a new application for an existing drug in treating a rare disease, iMCD. This development represents a significant breakthrough,

The Fierce 50 special report shines a spotlight on those who are making a significant impact and driving progress in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech

Since the advent of modern medicine, the scientific community has developed more than 3,000 drugs for thousands of diseases. Despite significant progress, there are more

He’s alive thanks to a repurposed drug. Now his dream is to find cures for millions of people from among drugs we already have. Share

While rare diseases are defined as conditions affecting fewer than 200,000 individuals, the shortage of rare disease treatments in the United States is a significant and pressing

Research driven by patients with rare diseases is producing faster discoveries and treatments—and challenging long-held assumptions about knowledge production. Share this

Have you read the story of David Fajgenbaum, a physician who was diagnosed with the rare disease called Castleman disease? Share this

A patient’s life was saved after researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Castleman Disease Collaborative Network, Medidata, and Every Cure, used artificial intelligence to use

Of course, AI was on everyone’s minds at the conference. However, it was the proof points and examples shared by leaders from multiple organizations that

The adoption of AI is accelerating across the entire CRO space as we start to explore the benefits of the tech. Whether being utilised for

Aspen, Colorado – David Fajgenbaum, co-founder of Every Cure and physician-scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, unveiled his ‘Big Idea’ to repurpose existing drugs for

We are very excited to have Dr. David Fajgenbaum as our student-selected keynote speaker on this momentous occasion of our 50th commencement ceremony. His impressive and

Miami, Florida – David Fajgenbaum, co-founder of Every Cure, delivered a presentation at the Elevate Prize’s Make Good Famous Summit, sharing his journey with illness

In September 2022, Fajgenbaum joined forces with longtime friend and fellow doctor Grant Mitchell, MD, and a group of experts at the University of North

David Fajgenbaum is an immunologist and co-founder of Every Cure, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to unlock the full potential of approved medicines to

San Francisco, California – David Fajgenbaum, co-founder of Every Cure and physician-scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, announces First Life Saved with AI-Discovered Repurposed Medicine

Fajgenbaum was having his last rites read to him, and his family braced for his death from Castleman disease, a rare inflammatory illness that impacts

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